Compassion, Determination, Success: Trial Lawyers Working For You

An Experienced Team Guided By A Strong Leader

Lawrence H. Hyman and Cynthia Kisser

At Lawrence H. Hyman & Associates LTD, we believe that you are not simply a number or a file. Let us prosecute your serious claim with the compassion, determination and success it deserves. Our firm is small enough to provide the individual attention your case needs and large enough to fight against the most powerful interests.

Let Lawrence H. Hyman & Associates LTD be your advocate. Let Lawrence H. Hyman & Associates LTD ease your worries. Let Lawrence H. Hyman & Associates LTD fight for your rights.

It is an emphasis on personal service that sets our firm apart. Compassion, determination and success are the trademarks of our firm. Contact us today to discuss your individual concerns and needs at no charge to you and with the strictest of confidence.

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Clients of Lawrence H. Hyman & Associates LTD can expect unmatched responsiveness and consistency with every contact. We pledge to always:

  • Maintain 24/7 accessibility for clients
  • Devote substantial time to case reviews and evidence gathering, including identification of police errors or malfeasance
  • Ensure client agreement and comfort with defense strategies
  • Establish and maintain contact with prosecuting authorities empowered to make plea bargains or charge reductions
  • Engage the services of all experts needed for your case
  • Diligently pursue client matters in every respect, from arraignment and charging to motion practice, plea negotiations and, when necessary, trial

We Know Court Procedure Inside And Out

Our approach to handling legal cases inside and outside the courtroom is guided by the skills and techniques that Mr. Hyman developed as he tried over 120 cases before a jury in state and federal courts as well as participating in a landmark case before the United States Supreme Court. His experience helps him make judgment calls that seek the best outcomes possible for his clients, which is an approach that each of us at Lawrence H. Hyman & Associates LTD replicates.

Following Mr. Hyman’s leadership, we carefully prepare our cases to withstand a judge and jury’s scrutiny as well as cross-examination, no matter what level we’re arguing a case at. We understand that you can’t win every time, but you can seek the best possible outcome through prudent research, critical thinking, problem-solving, and learning when to negotiate and settle versus taking matters to court.

Look To Us For Trusted Guidance

Whether you need strong legal counsel to help you negotiate a settlement or zealously argue a case at trial, we are prepared to provide you with the high-quality legal services that our attorneys’ decades of combined experience can offer. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact our Chicago office by calling 312-346-6766 or sending us an email.